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I just started gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun and omfgggg Sakura is sooooo cute. She’s already my favorite character.

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Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is about

  • Nationalism
  • Racism
  • Colonialism
  • Economics
  • Land use
  • Water

Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is not about

  • Religion

Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is not

  • A conflict

Things it is

  • Settler colonialism
  • Military occupation
  • Genocide
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i hate noikou so much… let’s just pretend they did the do the last night and they woke up hugging. /snorts/ anyways, belated happy birthday to the old fart! <3
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whether or not a woman shaves is hardly the biggest issue we have going on when the dragons are coming back and ulfric stormcloak murdered the high king WITH HIS VOICE. SHOUTED HIM APART

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a T.O.P fansite made a donation on behalf of T.O.P, so he won’t have to do the Ice Bucket Challenge
'Because his body is too precious to be revealed in a soaked tee.”
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GD x SEAN - 140821 Twitter Reply!
*NOTE: It’s a response to Sean’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Nomination
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